Shahid Sheikh OBE


managing director, Clifton Packaging Group

 Shahid believes that Clifton is only as great as the talent it employs and he is a huge proponent of encouraging that talent to bring the best of themselves to work. Shahid encourages talent by offering tailored training programmes to each staff member, which challenges them to develop themselves as individuals and to bring new skills back into the business, thereby helping Clifton to achieve its ambitions as a company.

A key part of this development is to ensure that each and every member of the team is engaged in innovation within the business. For each new project a team is put together that has the key skills required for the problem that is being investigated.

Shahid has ensured that a culture of ‘no blame’ runs through Clifton and this is particularly important within innovation. Without this freedom, an idea may never be born and a key innovation missed. This has proved incredibly useful and has given Clifton some fantastic ideas which have really helped to solve problems and grow the business. This way of working has also gelled the team together so that everyone feels and acts like one big family.